There are many fears that go into buying or selling your home. It is an exciting time, but one that can cause some unease due to all of the unknown variables that come into play on the real estate market. Regardless of what side of the market you are on, you are likely experiencing similar fears as you start out the process. What are the top fears experienced by home buyers and home sellers? AND, what is the best way to combat those fears? Read more to find out!


Top Home Buying Fears

1. Will I buy my new home for a fair price?

2. Are there unknown issues that will be unearthed during a home inspection? Will these be major costly issues?

3. What if the neighborhood and neighbors are not what they seemed upon viewing the house?

4. With the fluctuating interest rates lately, what if the interest rates increase dramatically before I purchase, increasing my monthly payments?

5. What if I didn't look at the house objectively, and now upon moving in, I realize that it is not a good fit for my family's daily needs?



Top Home Seller Fears

1. Is the offer I accepted too low? Should I have waited longer for a higher offer?

2. What if my home sits on the market for a long time?

3. What do I do if my buyer has to back out during the deal due to personal or financial issues?

4. Will there be any issues discovered during the home inspection that will be costly to me or cause a buyer to back out?

5. What if I do not receive any offers despite showing my home multiple times?



All of these fears are very valid for both buyers and sellers. While it is impossible to answer all of these questions, there is a simple solution to combat your fears when you enter the real estate market......Work with an Experienced Realtor! My knowledge of the local market, experience with market trends at the regional and national level, and ability to connect you to any additional resources you might need can help make all these fears be a thing of the past. Whether you are Buying or Selling, I am dedicated to helping you on your journey to buying your dream home or selling your current home. Give me a call today or visit my website at !   


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