If small city living is for you, look no further than the communities of the Quad Cities! With lower living costs, a tighter community feels, and a more laid-back living style, small cities are a great place to raise a family. Personal finance website WalletHub recently ranked 1,268 cities in the United States to find the best communities in terms quality of life and affordability. Their analysts looked at metrics regarding economic health, affordability, quality of life, safety, and education and health in cities with population sizes between 25,000 and 100,000 residents. After analyzing the results, they ranked the cities in the nation to find the best of the best.

 The results…...Prescott and Prescott Valley were listed as two of the best small cities in America!  



Prescott is a small town filled with history. This community offers amazing historic sites and cultural attractions that allow you to feel like you are stepping into Arizona’s past. Prescott offers the feeling of a small city with all the amenities and facilities your family could need. It ranked highly for Quality of Life for the WalletHub study. Explore stunning natural landscapes in the numerous park facilities located around town.



Prescott Valley is beautifully situated in the middle of Prescott National Forest. Nature lovers will find an oasis in this town with all there is to explore in the over 300 acres of open space. Plus, the beautiful climate year-round makes spending time outside a popular pastime for this community. With affordable housing and a great public education system, families will find a home in this great small city.




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