Prescott is the perfect Arizona city to move to if you are looking for a happy and healthy lifestyle! In fact, it was ranked as the #13 city with the best well-being for 2016 in the entire country, according to a report by Gallup-Healthways!



This report examined well-being across the country and looked at how communities ranked in terms of its residents’ well-being. Five key elements were examined to determine the overall index score. These elements included Purpose (how happy residents were with what they did in their daily lives), Social (residents have supportive relationships and love in their life), Financial (residents feel financial security and low economic stress), Community (residents like where they live and feel safe), and Physical (residents are in good health).


To determine these results, 354,473 adults were polled via telephone by Gallup over the course of 2015 and 2016. They were given a 0 to 100 scale to measure their well-being within each of the elements.


Prescott received a Well-Being Index Score of 64.1! It was in the top 25 communities in the country for in the areas of Purpose, Financial, Community, and Physical!


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Source: Gallup-Healthways State of American Well-Being