Congrats on finding your dream home in the Prescott area. You know ready to start closing on the home. Before you take this final step in the home buying process, there is one more thing to do…..a Home Inspection. Here are helpful tips to make your home inspection a breeze.


Steps to Find a Home Inspector

  • Contact an Experienced Realtor in the area for a list of recommended home inspectors.

  • Interview potential inspectors to ask about training, experience, and areas of expertise.

  • Review past home inspection reports they have completed to check for detailed reviews and recommendations.

  • Hire the best candidate!


What to Expect During the Home Inspection

  • A detailed walkthrough of the home lasting 2 to 3 hours.

  • A review of the home’s physical structure, including roof, ceilings, walls, doors, windows, and floors. This will include all areas of the home, including the attic and basement.

  • A review of the home’s electrical system.

  • A review of the home’s mechanical systems, including major appliances, plumbing, and heating and air-conditioning.

  • An objective opinion and written and photographic evidence of issues found within the home.

Now that you have reviewed your home inspection report, meet with your realtor to discuss the findings. If nothing of concern was found in the home, continue with your closing. If there were several issues or a major issue found, determine whether you should renegotiate with the seller to cover the costs or if you need to continue the search for your new home elsewhere.

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