February is the perfect time to Buy your dream home in Prescott! Although generally not considered to be a prime home buying month due to the colder weather, the real estate market predictions for 2017 show that buyers should take the leap and purchase now. Here are the top 3 reasons to buy your new home in February!

1. There are fewer buyers in the market. Since most home buyers are not looking to move during the winter, there is less competition for you. Inventory in homes has not decreased significantly and sellers that are in the market in winter are generally anxious to sell. This means that you have more ability to negotiate a better deal for your dream home.



2. Home prices are lower. Home prices in February are, on average, 8.45 percent lower than they are

during the summer. The home you have your eye on now will likely only go up in price as the year progresses. Take advantage of significant savings by buying in February!



3. Interest rates are going to increase. All predictions show that interest rates are going to rise throughout 2017. In fact, they are expected to reach close to 5% later in the year. Lock in a lower rate when you purchase a home in February.


Work with the Prescott area’s Top Realtor to find your dream home this February. Check out our current Featured Properties throughout the Quad Cities. Give Joe a call today or visit his website at http://www.joekarcie.com/.

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