If your home is on the market this December, you can attract potential buyers with smart holiday decor. The winter is not the most popular time of year for home buying but the buyers that are out there are highly motivated to find their new home. With smart staging, you can make your home look its best this season.  Follow these decorating tips for selling your Prescott home this holiday!




The first step is to Clean and Stage your home as you would at any time of year when selling your home. Make sure that everything is sparkling clean. Stage rooms in your home to best display the size and functionality of spaces.


Store nonessential items. Clutter can be distracting for potential buyers. Pack up and store items that you do not immediately need. Make sure that countertops are cleared off. Also, try to depersonalize your home in order to make it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home.


When you start decorating for the holidays, you should look at your home’s Paint Colors in order to accept it. Choose decorations that are complementary to a room’s wall color. Rich tones, such as red, look great with neutral tones or try silver in rooms with soothing colors, such as blue.


Although decorating for the holidays is fun, remember that less is more. Do not fill your house to the brim with the decor. As with clutter, this will be too distracting for buyers. Use decor sparingly and in places that best accentuate your home’s features.


Pick a Christmas tree that fits the space of your house. If you have a grand family room, you can use a larger tree but make sure that it does not occupy too much floor space. Also, avoid using your personalized ornaments on the tree this year. Focus on a cohesive color scheme or theme instead.


Be mindful that buyers that view your home might celebrate a different holiday than you. This does not mean that you should not decorate for the season. Just keep your larger religious decor in storage when you show your home.


It may be colder outside but you want potential buyers to feel warm and cozy in your home. Use festive scents, such as evergreen or cinnamon, to create a homey feeling.


Now that the inside of your home is ready to go, it’s time to think about curb appeal. As you did inside, keep it simple with your outdoor decor. Leave the inflatable snowman off the lawn this year. Use simple Christmas lights on your house or landscaping to draw attention to the best features.



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