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Arizona makes the Top 15 States to Retire!

by Joe Karcie


Congrats…’ve retired!!! Now it’s time to decide where you want to lay down roots for those days of freedom ahead of you. Finding a community to retire to is a major decision that involves a lot of factors. Affordability, access to amenities, the closeness of friends and family members, and whether all come into play when looking for the perfect place to retire. The best states for retirement are those where you can have a high quality of life while maintaining a lower cost of living. Arizona was recently named one of the Top 15 States for Retirees…..and it’s no wonder why!!


Finance website WalletHub ranked the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on several key factors to determine which were the best states to call home in retirement. Their rankings are based on 3 areas, including affordability, quality of life, and healthcare. Within each of these broader categories were metrics that helped determine the overall score. When the results came in, Arizona was ranked #11 in the country! With an affordability rank of 19, quality of life rank of 13, and healthcare rank of 19, the state is a fantastic option for retirees!


There are so many amazing communities to choose from in the Quad Cities area when you are looking for a new place to call home during your retirement. With a stunning natural environment and temperate weather, the following cities are an amazing spot for retirees.


Prescott: With 33 percent of the population 65 and older, Prescott has become a thriving retirement community. This historic town has many cultural and entertainment institutions to keep residents occupied. There is a thriving art scene in the community. The several institutions of higher education allow the unique opportunity to participate in lifelong learning programs. Access to healthcare is excellent in Prescott, with the Yavapai Regional Medical Center-West and Northern Arizona VA Health Care system, located in town. Prescott Homes for Sale.



Prescott Valley: This city has affordable home prices, perfect for those looking to save money during retirement. There is also easy access to amenities within Prescott Valley itself and the surronding communities. Those retirees wanting to spend their days on the green will love the 5-star championship golf course Stoneridge Golf.  Prescott Valley Homes for Sale.


Chino Valley: Chino Valley is a great option for those individuals who want to move to the area but live in a quieter community. 23 percent of the city's population is of retirement age. This city is perfect for those that want to maintain an active lifestyle with easy access to the amazing natural environment that surrounds the town. Chino Valley Homes for Sale.


Let me help you retire to Arizona by finding your dream home today!!! Give me a call today or visit my website at

top prescott az realtor

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

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The Quad Cities will be Starting School!

by Joe Karcie

The first school bell of the year is about to ring throughout the Quad Cities. It's time to gather your school supplies, pack your backpack, and head back to school! Over the next three weeks, students in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, and Chino Valley will be starting the new school year. Here is a list of some of the important upcoming dates for our area’s school districts.   



Prescott Unified School District

First Day of School: Thursday, August 4th

Granite Mountain School 5th Grade Orientation: Monday, August 1st

Granite Mountain School 6th Grade Orientation: Tuesday, August 2nd

Prescott Mile High Middle School Meet Mile High: Wednesday, August 3rd

Prescott Mile High Middle School Back to School Night: Thursday, August 11th

Prescott High School Badger Day (for incoming freshman and new students): Tuesday, August 2nd

Prescott High School Open House: Thursday, August 18th


Humboldt Unified School District

(Serving Prescott Valley and Dewey-Humboldt communities)

First Day of School: Monday, August 8th

Liberty Traditional School Kinder-4th Back 2 School Night: Thursday, August 4th



Liberty Traditional School 5th-8th Back 2 School Night: Friday, August 5th


Glassford Hill Middle School Schedule Pickup: Tuesday, August 2nd

Glassford Hill Middle School Open House and Meet the Teachers Night: Thursday, August 25th



Chino Valley Unified School District

First Day of School: Monday, August 15th  


For more information on upcoming dates and events, check out the web pages for each of the school districts.

We hope all of the students in the Quad Cities have a fun and successful 2016-2017 school year!!!

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

731 W Gurley Street / Prescott, AZ 86305

(928) 776-7701

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Economic growth is the goal of all cities. A strong local economy and thriving job market help support the quality of life in a community. Through collaboration between city officials and the Greater Prescott Regional Economic Partnership (GPREP), the area is hoping to attract new industries and promote capital investments that will be beneficial to the communities of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Dewey-Humboldt.


The Prescott Area has already seen some initial movement on this plan for economic development. California company Vinyl Visions will have their new 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility operational by the end of the year in Prescott and are planning to hire 20 to 25 local employees to their team.


GPREP is hoping to attract more such companies to the region. Their goal is to diversify the economy in the Quad Cities to ensure economic stability far into the future. The involved parties looked at many different factors when determining what sort of companies they would seek out for the region. Water conservation was a major concern. In addition, due to the available resources in the area and population size, companies looking to hire 25 to 100 workers are of particular focus. Since the Quad Cities are located within an easy commuting distance of one another, competition between the cities for the actual sites of the new businesses has not been an issue. Such partnerships ensure that the residents of the greater Prescott area will benefit as the industrial sector continues to grow. 

Prescott Real Estate Agent

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

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It's the Prescott Film Festival in Prescott, Arizona!

by Joe Karcie


Join us now through Sunday, July 24th, at the 7th Annual Prescott Film Festival! This amazing annual event brings unique and original films to PRESCOTT. Enjoy the opportunity to watch a variety of independent films, including documentaries, dramas, foreign, and short films, that rarely get screened in our area. Check out the work of future filmmaking stars at the festival’s Student Short Film Program on Sunday which features films by local high school students. Along with the screenings, this festival offers awesome workshops for aspiring filmmakers and movie lovers, which range in topics from film sound to screenwriting. This is truly one of the local events that make our community such a great place to live!

Film screenings and workshops are held at the Yavapai College campus (1100 East Sheldon Street, Prescott, AZ). Tickets for the films are $12 for regular admission and $6 for students with a valid ID. They can be purchased at the box office the day of the screenings or online HERE. All workshops are free! For a list of dates and times for all screenings and workshops, check out the 2016 Program Booklet.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see some amazing and inspiring films! We look forward to seeing you this week at the 7th Annual Prescott Film Festival! 


Prescott AZ Real Estate

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

731 W Gurley Street

Prescott, AZ 86305

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15 Great Native Plants for Beautiful Prescott Area Gardens!

by Joe Karcie


Spruce up the landscaping of your PRESCOTT AREA HOMES with a garden! Due to the dry and hot climate, gardening in the Southwest can be a challenge. You want to use tough plants that can easily thrive without a lot of care. Turn to plants that naturally grow throughout the region to ensure a beautiful garden all year round. Here are the 15 top native plants for southwestern gardens!


WINE CUPS (Callirhoe involucrata) – From late-spring to mid-summer, a splash of red will fill your garden with this lovely ground cover plant. Make sure to place in full sun and well-drained soil.

GREEN-FLOWERED HEDGEHOG CACTUS (Echinocereus viridiflorus) – This awesome native plant looks great in desert gardens! Its green, spiny orbs add interest to your landscape and, in early spring, iridescent green flowers blossom.


SPANISH BAYONET (Yucca harrimaniae) – The Spanish Bayonet makes your garden look spectacular every season. This blue-green evergreen will grow up to 4 feet tall and sprout white bell-shaped flowers during the summer months.


TEXAS RED YUCCA (Hesperaloe parviflora) – Attract hummingbirds to your garden with this bright red floral plant. This plant thrives in the dry, hot Arizona climate.


PINELEAF PENSTEMON (Penstemon pinifolius) – Your garden will turn a brilliant orange-red during the summer with the addition of the Pineleaf Penstemon. Throughout the rest of the year, the texture of the foliage will add interest to your landscaping.


YELLOW COLUMBINE (Aquilegia chrysantha) – This delicate beauty attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It is incredibly resilient to heat and blossoms yellow flowers throughout the year.


BUNNY EARS CACTUS (Opuntia microdasys) – An adorable cactus, the bunny ear cactus will rarely be spiny and produces bright yellow flowers starting in the spring.


CALIFORNIA FUCHSIA (Zauschneria californica) – This perennial blooms in late summer with long-lasting orange and red petals. Place this groundcover in the full sun.


PERENNIAL SUNFLOWER (Helianthus maximiliani) – Your garden will stay lovely into the fall months with spectacular golden-yellow flowers on stems that grow up to 8 feet tall.


TETRANEURIS (Tetraneuris acaulis) – Add interest to the border of your garden with this long bloomer. There will be daisy-shaped yellow flowers from spring through fall and in the winter months the blue-green foliage continues to add color.


DESERT SUNFLOWER (Geraea canescens) – Another resilient plant, the Desert Sunflower blossoms twice in the year, both spring and fall. It also adds brilliant texture to your garden with fuzzy gray foliage that resists wildlife.


INDIAN PAINTBRUSH (Castilleja integra) – Beautiful red flowers will last until the frost with this native plant. It will return to your garden every year and is drought-tolerant.


AUTUMN SAGE (Salvia greggii) – Beautiful shades of red, purple, pink, and violet will appear from late summer to fall and will attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.


CALIFORNIA POPPY (Eschscholzia californica) – Delicate flowers will add beauty to your landscaping. In the summer, enjoy the variety of orange, yellow, cream, apricot, and pink shades of blossoms.


RED HYSSOP (Agastache rupestris) – An incredibly aromatic plant, add scent and color to your garden with the Red Hyssop. This perennial produces long-lasting orange, red, and apricot petals and thrives in dry areas.


If you're looking to put your Prescott, AZ area home up for sale, adding any of these beautiful plants, along with stones, trees, and other accents will drive up the value of your home! Not to mention add terrific curb appeal...and that's the first impression that a potential buyer has of your home!


For more Home Selling Tips, give our team a call or visit our website at

Resource: Better Homes & Garden July 2016

Prescott Realtor

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

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7 Top Upgrades or Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home!

by Joe Karcie

You've made the big've decided to put your Prescott Area home on the market! BRAVO! It's a fantastic time to take advantage of the incredible Arizona housing market. Now you have a few key decisions to make; what do I need to fix and what do I negotiate the sale of the home, before actually finding the BEST Real Estate Agent to list my home?

First of all, it's easy to miss the everyday wear and tear that a home takes over the years, so don't think you're alone in having to do some work on the cleaning and repairs before putting your home on the market. You're going to want to walk through your home with a critical by room...with a notepad, taking down detailed notes from floor to ceiling. I would also recommend finding that "awesome Real Estate Agent" on the front end. Simply because a great Real Estate Agent is extremely helpful in guiding you through this process and knowing what are the critical elements that need to be upgraded or repaired, and what may just need to be negotiated later. After all, we all have a budget we must stay within so having a trained eye as a partner is a huge plus at the START of this process!

Keep in mind, the repairs or upgrades I am going to suggest here WILL put money in your pocket at the close of the sale of your home!  Here are the Top 7 Recommended Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Prescott Arizona Area Home:

A Fresh Coat of Paint- This is by far one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update, refresh and even change the look of your home or room before you sell...and you don't even have to hire a professional! Just remember a few basics;  choose lighter, neutral tones so that your new buyer can make the home their own, it's not important to paint every room- just the ones that really need it. Lastly, if you do have wallpaper in your home- REMOVE it! You may love how it looks, but do your new homeowners a favor and give them a clean slate to create their own look.

The Kitchen- You've heard it a hundred times..."The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home". It's true in many ways. Most people are looking for the 'ideal' kitchen- spacious counter space with lots of cabinets and state-of-the-art appliances. If you don't have all of this, don't fret, most of us don't. But don't go for a major kitchen overhaul either! A few tweaks here and there can make major differences. For instance; swap out your hardware on your cabinets. Paint outdated cabinets put in new faucets or fixtures. If you have a little money to spend, put in granite countertops. And by all means, make sure you have cleared your counters completely before you ever show your home!

Bathroom Remodel- The throne, that's right. It's still a major draw and always will be. So what can be done here? Deep cleaning for starters! Scrub that grout, make sure tubs, sinks, and toilets look brand new! Then check for leaky faucets and replace if necessary. This is one room that lighting is critical. If lighting is dull, replace immediately. Have a little extra cash? Again, go for a good countertop- granite or even marble are a great choice for the bath!  Side Note- When staging your bathroom, try using white or light neutral colored towels. It reminds people of a spa and looks crisp and clean.

Nail Holes & Spackling- I know it sounds like common sense but it really does need need to go room by room and fill your nail holes, cracks, etc. Spackle, sand, and paint. Every room should look like it's brand new. A potential buyer should not walk into a room and think "wow...we've got a lot of work to do in here!" If that happens, your sales price goes down.

Adequate Lighting- When showing your home you want each room to show like a 'showroom'. However, poor lighting can often ruin a home's potential sale. Make sure that each room has adequate lighting so potential buyers can see what each room has to offer. This should include the natural lighting each room invites as well. Since it's summertime, make sure your window dressings are appropriate for the season. If you have a heavy drape, ditch them for a cotton one or just a blind for the season. Make sure your closets have adequate lighting too!

Hardwood Floors- So many of our homes have gorgeous hardwood floors today. These can be a blessing or a curse depending on where you live if you have pets, children, high traffic areas and more. If you have hardwood and they are looking very distressed, it's definitely in your best interest to get those floors refinished...or at the very least buffed and polished. Nothing looks better than entering a home and seeing gleaming hardwood floors!  That is a CLOSER right then and there! 

Functional Appliances- Lastly, go through your home and make sure all your appliances are working properly and you have all your warranties pulled together for your realtor. Nothing is more embarrassing...or shows a lack of maintenance of the home to your potential buyer, as when appliances or any item around the home is NOT in working order.

For more Home Selling Tips contact the Joe Karcie Team at 928-776-7701 or visit our website at

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

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Prescott, AZ 86305

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4th of July Events in and Around Prescott, AZ!

by Joe Karcie

The Fourth of July is almost here! There are exciting family-friendly events going on this holiday throughout the PRESCOTT area that we wanted to share with you! Spend the holiday with live entertainment, kids activities, delicious food, and, of course, spectacular fireworks displays!


Prescott Downtown Fireworks

When: Monday, July 4th | 12:00 – 10:00 pm

Where: Mile High Middle School Football Field (100 Goodwin St.)

Cost: $5 general admission, $10 unlimited rides wristband

Bring the whole family down for this fun-filled event. Eat delicious treats from the food trucks and enjoy a beverage from the beer garden. The kids will love the inflatables and obstacle courses. Dance the evening away to the numerous bands performing and end the night with a spectacular fireworks show.



Freedom Festival

When: Saturday, July 2nd | 3:00 – 9:00 pm

Where: StoneRidge

Cost: Free admission for StoneRidge Residents, $10 general admission for non-residents, $25 VIP tickets

Start the holiday weekend off with a celebration at StoneRidge in Prescott Valley. Dine on some delicious barbecue, jam to Eagles tribute band One of these Nights, and have fun playing the carnival games.


20th Annual 4th of July Celebration

When: Monday, July 4th

Where: Mountain Valley Park (8600 E. Nace Ln.)

Cost: FREE event but $19.95 per person for the 4th Fun Zone

Enjoy food and music all day at Prescott Valley’s annual celebration. For more fun, buy a ticket to the 4th Fun Zone which will be filled with great activities for the kids, including games, crafts, a rock wall, inflatables, and much more. Take in one of the best fireworks shows northern Arizona has to offer at the end of the night.



July 4th Fireworks & Fun

When: Monday, July 4th | 2:00 pm

Where: Chino Valley Community Center Park (1615 N Road 1 East)

Cost: FREE!

Spend the day with family eating food, listening to music, playing games, and watching the fireworks.


Celebrate America’s 240th birthday at one of these amazing events in the Prescott area!

The Joe Karcie Team wishes you and your family a very Happy and Safe Independence Day!


Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

731 W Gurley Street

Prescott, AZ 86305

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Upcoming Community Events in the Prescott AZ Area!

by Joe Karcie

Looking for something fun to do in PRESCOTT? There are several fun events coming up throughout the rest of June for you and your family to enjoy! Whether its music, nature or the rodeo, these summertime events offer something for everyone!


June 17th

Moon Walk: 7:00 pm at Highlands Center for Natural History in Prescott. This free family event offers a nature walk at night to learn about the stars and the moon.


June 18th

Frontier Arizona Experience: Living History: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Fort Whipple Museum in Prescott. Step back into history and see the Arizona of the past through the eyes of an Old West foot soldier. Admission is free.


June 25th 

Shakespeare in the Pines: 6:00 pm at the Highlands Center for Natural History in Prescott. Enjoy an outdoor performance of William Shakespeare’s comedy “All’s Well that Ends Well”. Along with the performance, catered appetizers and beverages will be provided. This fun event raises funds for the center’s science-based youth and adult programming. Purchase Tickets Here ($60).


June 26th – June 27th

Prescott Blues Festival: Located in downtown Prescott. The 35th annual Prescott Blues Festival is a free music event that features traditional and contemporary artists from around the country. Enjoy food for purchase or bring your own picnic. 


June 28th – July 4th

123rd Annual World's Oldest Rodeo: Located at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds. Occurring since 1888, this event features eight performances and is the premier community event for the Prescott area! Enjoy several days of rodeos, parades, an arts & crafts show, dance, wild horse race and much more! Purchase Tickets Here. 


Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

731 W Gurley Street

Prescott, AZ 86305

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Secrets Every Prescott Arizona House Hunter Should Know!

by Joe Karcie

If you have found yourself searching endlessly for your next home in the Prescott Arizona area...we are here to help! Insider scoop can be a huge benefit when house hunting in the Prescott and the Prescott Valley communities. Below are some great real estate tips to get you ahead of the game and in a new home!

PARTNER WITH THE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT!  We've said it before but it bears repeating...finding the best real estate team to partner with to find your dream home is the #1 priority when house hunting! An experienced agent knows the BEST neighborhoods in the area, the most up-to-date information about local real estate prices and always has YOUR best interest as their top priority. Plus, they will make sure that the home passes all inspections and will negotiate on your behalf. You can leave all your worries to them.


LOOK FOR FOUNDATION FLAWS! It can be easy to be wowed by a home when at a showing, and many times buyers overlook creaky, cracked floors when they are staring at a beautifully updated kitchen. Be smart and hire a home inspector to get a detailed examination of the home, which will save you from costly expenses down the road.


BE STRATEGIC IN A HOT MARKET! It is incredibly tough to house hunt in a seller's market! Gain an advantage over the competition by writing a personal note to the seller, and ask your agent to get involved in social media to share your needs and get the scoop on properties from other agents.


GET THE INSIDE SCOOP! Sometimes you have to become a detective. Visit garage sales in your dream neighborhood and ask the homeowner questions while you shop, or simply start up a conversation with a neighbor out watering their lawn. Those conversations can go a long way!


PRICING PSYCHOLOGY! Ready to make an offer in a competitive market? Don’t leave a ‘5’ or ‘0’ at the end of a price. Go one number over ‘5’ or ‘0’ to be the highest bid by just a tad more.


BE LIKEABLE! When sellers are attached to their home, they will typically want to sell to someone they like. Personalize your seller letter by looking around the home for common interests with the seller. Also, consider taking a photo of yourself in front of the home you are making an offer on. This allows the seller to visualize you in their home. These small connections can work wonders!


ALWAYS KEEP AN OPEN MIND! Just because someone older lived in the home, don’t rule it out. Seniors typically take much better care of their homes, and you can always remodel!


If you're interested in Buying, Selling or Investing in Yavapai County, give the Joe Karcie Team a call or visit our website at

Real Estate Agent in Prescott AZ

Joe Karcie - RE/MAX Mountain Properties

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Memorial Day Weekend Events in Prescott!

by Joe Karcie

Memorial Day weekend is HERE, and there are some fun events going on this holiday weekend in Prescott and Prescott Valley that we wanted to share with you!


42nd Annual Phippen Museum Western Art Show & Sale

When: May 28th- May 30th

Where: Historic Courthouse Plaza in Prescott, 120 S. Cortez Street

Cost: FREE!

A Memorial Day weekend tradition! The Phippen Museum is presenting this very popular art event at Prescott’s historic courthouse plaza!

Click here for additional details.


Pool Season Opens- Mountain Valley Splash!

When: Saturday, May 28th- All Day!

Where: Mountain Valley Splash, 8600 E. Nace Lane in Prescott Valley


Glassford Summit Trail 5K Fun Run, Hike, or Walk

When: Saturday May 28th at 7:00am

Where: Glassford Hill Middle School at 6901 E. Panther Trail in Prescott Valley

Proceeds from this inaugural event will go towards Honor and Remember which recognizes the sacrifice of our fallen military heroes and their families.

Click here for additional Details


While this long holiday weekend most often signifies the beginning of summer with the kids out of school, pools opening, picnics and BBQs with friends and family, and overall celebration, we must remember WHY we have this holiday. Memorial Day is here for us to remember the sacrifice made by men and women who have served our country in order for us to enjoy the freedom that is so important to Americans. So please remember to take a moment to thank our veterans this weekend, and every day.


Happy Memorial Day from the Joe Karcie Team!

Realtor in Prescott Arizona

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