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Would You Please BOTHER Me!

by Joe Karcie
So, it occurred to me that it would probably help if I just told you that you can and should call me. Anytime. For any real estate need or question.  I am here to be bothered!
Curious about a home on the market, and want to take a look . . . bother me. 
Curious about your home's value  . . . bother me.
Curious about refinancing or need some lender recommendations . . . bother me. 
No matter what you're curious about . . . bother me!
So when you have some questions about home values in your area, or want to go see a house that is on the market … please call me, email me and bother me!  It's no bother, it's what we do!
Even if you aren’t serious about buying or selling, I won’t be pushing you to buy or sell.  Just know we're available and ready to be bothered!
So, would you please "bother" me? It will only bother me if you don’t!

Your Home Isn’t Selling Because . . .

by Joe Karcie

Your Home Isn’t Selling Because . . . 

Your home is finally on the market, but where are all the buyers!  Chances are you may have overlooked what buyers really want. Let’s look in more detail at some of those issues you might have overlooked.

• Priced too high: This is the number one reason your house isn’t selling.  Sure, you are attached, and you’ve had wonderful memories in your home.  However, today’s buyers are more savvy than partial to your emotions, most won’t even want to waste their time viewing an over-priced property.  If your home has been on the market for more than 30 days, and you’ve received only a handful of showings it’s time to review and adjust your price.

• Poor location or poorly planned home: There’s not a lot you can do about this; a view of the landfill, a super steep driveway, lots of stairs, or a busy road nearby.  No matter how magnificent your home may be on the inside, outside factors can keep buyers from crossing the threshold to take a look. Sometimes the only way to overcome these obstacles is to lower the price until a buyer bites.

• Insufficient marketing: Your real estate agent should do more than just list your home with the local multiple listing service (MLS), and then sit back and wait for agents to beat a path to your door.  When you choose a real estate agent, inquire about the agent’s plans for marketing. Ask about things like online presence, their database of current buyers, and what kind of photos will be used? Smartphone photos of your home aren’t smart.

• Inflexible: Be ready to show your home at almost a moment’s notice.  If you can’t show it, you can’t sell it.  Having your home show ready at all times is just part of having your home on the market.    

• Too personal: Besides decluttering your home, you will want to remove “you” from the house.  All the trinkets on your fireplace mantel should come down and replace them with a nice mirror and few neutral décor items.  Neutralize. Don’t fill those beautiful built-in bookcases with family photos and dog figurines, buyers want to see your home not your stuff.  If you have really boldly painted rooms, you may consider repainting with a neutral color. 

• Deferred maintenance: That big water stain under the deer antler chandelier? You may have fixed the source of the stain but make sure you’ve removed the old stain.  Savvy home buyers will zero in on stains, blemishes and discolorations. Give the carpets a good cleaning too. You don’t want to turn off a potential buyer because they think they’ll have to repair or replace something right away.    

Keep these points in mind and plan accordingly, and you should not have to worry about the reasons your house isn’t selling.  If you’d like more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  

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