When you are thinking about buying a home there is a lot of research that goes into such a large purchase.  There are many statistical tools and information that can help.  But don’t forget one of the easiest and most useful research tools – talking!

Real estate research might start with a look online at various real estate websites, a glance at the city website, and a check on a weather website, 277 days of sun does sound pretty nice J

When you finally make the visit out to your potential new town or neighborhood, get to talking!  Talk to everyone you come across.  Talk to people at the hotel front desk, find some locals on the hiking trails, chat it up in the supermarket line, or find out the latest at a local coffee shop.  You’ll learn so much about your prospective new town from all kinds of different people.

Once you get out with your local Realtor and start looking at homes and you’ve found one you love, try talking to a few neighbors.  Maybe go for a walk in your potential new neighborhood and strike up a quick conversation with people out on an evening stroll, most people will be happy to tell all out the area. 

Talking to people is a great way to do real estate research and learn about your prospective new hometown but verify what you hear . . . people do sometimes exaggerate.

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