The Prescott area is great for all the recreational activities that can be enjoyed outdoors. The stunning natural environment in our area will be even easier to explore with the 70 miles of trails that are going to be added throughout the Prescott Basin area!


This past month, a decision was signed by the Prescott National Forest District Ranger to add the trails. These trails will include 60 non-motorized and 10 motorized trails. Improvements will be made to existing, unauthorized trails and additional trails will be constructed. There will also be 6 trailheads improved and two new ones created. At the same time, the Forest Service is also working on creating new and improving existing bike trails, which will add 20 miles of trails. These trails include Firewater, Honey Bucket, and Piglet.


There are currently over 300 miles of trail system throughout the Prescott area! This allows for plenty of opportunities for walking, hiking, biking, running, and more within and between the great communities in the Quad Cities and beyond. More plans are in the works to continue to add on to the existing system through mid and long-term projects.

All of this work cannot be done without the help of volunteers. If you are interested in making our community even better through volunteering on these great projects, contact Tony Papa at (928)777-2216 or


Access to the great outdoors through a fantastic trail system is just one of the reasons why Prescott is such a great community to call home! If you are interested in
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